About Brendan

About Brendan


I have drawn and painted for most of my life.

Combining looseness of execution with sound technique, works are usually developed from black and white studies, plein air sketches and photos which are used to produce a base drawing. Watercolour is a favourite medium but when the subject demands more detail, depth and solidity of colour acrylics, oils or gouache may be used.

I like to cover as broad a range of subject matter as possible including people, landscapes, townscapes, marine and aviation but all based on my personal experience. Whatever the subject or medium I always seek to create a sense of light and atmosphere, and a feeling of human involvement with the scene.

I have exhibited with the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour at the Mall Galleries and with the Society of Graphic Fine Art and I regularly participate in exhibitions near my home in Surrey. My painting 'Sunset, Ventnor' won the Escoda Barcelona prize for an outstanding landscape at the 208th RI Open Exhibition in 2020 and 'London Sunrise' won the Schmincke Award for an outstanding exhibitor at the 209th RI Open Exhibition in 2021 .

My acrylic painting technique was the subject of an article in the Painters Online e-newsletter and two articles published in 'Leisure Painter' magazine (November/December 2017). My article 'Gouache in the Garden' was published in 'Paint', the magazine of the Society for All Artists in July 2020.

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