About Brendan Smith

About Brendan Smith


Following a lifelong interest in art and illustration I have been painting full-time since 2014.

Combining an apparent looseness of execution with sound technique, works are usually developed from black and white studies, on-site sketches and photos which are used to produce a rough base drawing. Watercolour is a favourite medium but when the subject demands more detail, depth and solidity of colour acrylics, oils or gouache may be used.

I like to cover as broad a range of subject matter as possible including people, landscapes, townscapes, marine and aviation but all based on my personal experience. Whatever the subject or medium I always seek to create a sense of light and atmosphere, and a feeling of human involvement with the scene.

I have exhibited with the Guild of Aviation Artists at the Mall Galleries and with the Society of Graphic Fine Art at DRAW 16. I regularly participate in successful exhibitions in Surrey as well as undertaking private sales and commissions.

My acrylic painting technique was recently the subject of an article in the Painters Online e-newsletter and two articles published in 'Leisure Painter' magazine (November/December 2017).